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State, Local, & Municipal Law Attorneys in Chicago, Illinois

Anyone that has owned a business in Chicago is probably very familiar with the City of Chicago Municipal Code. The City has enacted several volumes, consisting of literally thousands of Rules and Regulations that every business owner should be familiar with. The attorneys at Ciardelli, Cummings & Campagna LLC have handled thousands of business license litigation cases at Chicago's Central Hearing Facility located at 400 W. Superior as well as at the City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) located at City Hall.

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We affectionately refer to the City's Central Hearing Facility as a kangaroo court for those that take the plunge and try to represent themselves. If you have received an administrative ticket and fine, you should immediately contact the attorneys at Ciardelli, Cummings & Campagna LLC to discuss your options. Failure to speak with an attorney at Ciardelli, Cummings & Campagna LLC may result in a hefty fine or worse, the loss of your business license.